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Interested in working for us? Explore what it’s like to work for Seaco.

Helping you have a satisfying career

Seaco has over a 50-year legacy and that’s due to the fact that we attract great people who excel in their roles due to the extensive knowledge and experience they either bring to Seaco or develop at Seaco, thus enhancing our customer relationships worldwide. No matter which office you work in across our network, we ensure you feel welcome, recognise your contributions, and support you along your career journey.

Operating across our worldwide network means our employees bring diversity of thought and experience ultimately contributing to Seaco’s success.


Employee Benefits

Benefits are important to our employees, as they feel valued knowing that Seaco has their back. We offer a comprehensive range of benefits as follows:

Hybrid working

We are committed to being in the office from Mondays to Wednesdays, across the world – this encourages banter, meetings, lunches and dinners and agility in decision making. You can even work in the office on Thursday and Fridays, but we have the flexibility to work from home on those days too.

Home office stipend

After completing your probation period, you will receive a one-off payment to help set up your home office so you can be successful at home and in the office.

Parental leave

During the first 12 months upon the arrival of a new child in your life (whether through giving birth, surrogacy, or adoption), we offer 18 weeks of full paid leave for all parents. Country laws will take precedence where necessary.

Car allowance or company car

Depending on your role and in which country you operate, we will contribute to making your job easier by providing a company car or a car allowance. We are currently working to only lease sustainable electric or hybrid cars going forward.


All our employees have access to healthcare, including their families, as keeping everyone healthy, active, and supported means a lot to us.

Pension and retirement plans

Our retirement plans set you up for the next phase of your life after you retire. We want to you enjoy a good life whilst at Seaco but also when you leave us.

Group Life Assurance & Income Disability

Bad news can come our way and we ensure our employees feel secure in the knowledge that Seaco has planned for potential challenging times.

An Equal opportunities Employer

Seaco believes in the fair treatment of all our employees worldwide, and we are committed to promoting diversity in our employment practices. We do not discriminate in employment based on race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, national origin, political affiliation, disability, age, veteran status, marital status/civil partnership, pregnancy, and maternity status.  This commitment applies to the full employee lifecycle at Seaco.

Learning & development

Seaco is committed to developing our employees, keeping them happy and invigorated to do their roles well, but to also obtain intellectual stimulation. Learning helps us to grow skills, knowledge, and attitudes to progress on systems, processes, and collaborative efforts for improved performance.

Seaco is subscribed to an interactive online training library called go1 that is accessible and available to all employees throughout the year.  Go1 provides an extensive range of training topics from improving I.T. skills to learning a language.

We also offer bespoke training, depending on the needs of the employee cohort. We take a blended learning approach giving employees the opportunities to learn in a face-face workshop setting, online training, on the job training and knowledge sharing on best practices across the business.

Our recruitment process

Seaco advertises available positions across multiple platforms, including our website, social media,  and government portals. We have a great record of hiring people by word of mouth, that is rewarded internally by an accompanying referral bonus scheme, when a successful hire is made.

It is important to us that every candidate has a constructive recruitment experience with Seaco. Our typical interview process involves 2-4 interviews with the hiring manager, HR and the broader team. We believe interviews are a mutual process and we are focused on giving the right information to make an informed decision when choosing to work for Seaco. We are also committed to giving some constructive feedback at every stage of the interview process.

Onboarding is essential as making the right hire and we will design a bespoke programme for each employee, suitable for their role and where they are based. Seaco thrives on knowledge sharing and there is always a willing person from Houston to Shanghai who is there to enable your success at Seaco.