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One Way Move (Cabotage)

Trade imbalance has been an inescapable part of the container shipping industry since its origin, often generating significant out-of-pocket expenses for those involved. A one-way move can avoid the cost of empty transport of a container once freight is delivered.

At Seaco, we offer customers the opportunity to lease a container which can be picked up at one location and returned to another location, subject to Seaco’s terms and conditions. Both parties can benefit from the One-Way move, both in terms of streamlining operations and reducing cost, although the concept may not be possible on every route.

What are the benefits of One-Way Lease with Seaco?

  • Seaco has a global network of independent depots in more than 175 port locations across 50 countries, to help save time and money
  • Improve the efficiency of road freight transport by reducing empty container trips
  • Traders and Consumers benefit from lower cost shipping services
  • Assisting you to trade more competitively
  • It is an eco-friendly way of transporting your goods

Who can benefit?

  • Freight Forwarders
  • NVOCC (Non Vessel Owning Common Carrier)
  • Shipping Companies

What shipping containers are available for One-Way Lease?

For further information about our One-Way Lease of Seaco Containers, please email our dedicated team who will be able to assist with your requirements.

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