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Available to buy or rent, Seaco’s T50 Gas Tanks are ideal for a wide range of pressure ratings to cover the transportation and and storage of hazardous liquefied gases. and fully intermodal by road, rail or sea.

Tanks are in accordance with T50 UN Portable Tank (per special permit), TC Impact approved, UIC, IMDG, RID/ADR, CSC, US-DOT, TIR AAR 600, ISO, CFR49 with DOT SP14578, ISO 1496/3.

For cryogenic applications, please speak to one of our Seaco representatives.


Product Range


A range of T50 Gas tanks for the intermodal carriage of liquefied gases in a variety of pressure ratings with or without baffles or linings.

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External Length:20ft6,058 mm
External Width:8ft2,438 mm
External Height:8ft 6in2,591mm
MAWP:22.0 bar to 34.4 bar
Capacity:up to 24,500 ltr
Tare:7,350 kg upwards


Provides effective protection against corrosion across a wide range of PH Levels.  Helps to save M&R costs.

For liquid surge/loadshift reduction and improved safety.

Allows liquid levels to be monitored for simple, safe and reliable inventory management

Reduces heat load on tank and contents for better operational efficiency

Allows for reduced tare weight and for the benefit of higher payload.

And standardised couplings (liquid and gas lines) - improved refuelling technique for propane vehicles. Helps to make the connection simpler and faster.

With stainless steel hinged door. Houses gas line valves, liquid line valves, pressure gauge and thermometer for reassurance of maximum security.

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